a feeling of intense pleasure or joy.

We want women to feel and look their best with their favourite brands, without the waste that comes with seasonal trends and fast fashion, and doing so that suits every lifestyle and budget.



Rapture is a subscription-based service, where members can choose from a limited or full-time subscription catered to every life and style. There are two main subscription options.

1.The Global Rapture Membership give members access to Global Brands like Coach, Gucci, Prada, Louis Vuitton and Yves Saint Laurent.

2. The Local Rapture Membership gives subscribers access to local New Zealand brands such as Deadly Ponies, Yu Mei and Saben.

Each member gets to enjoy their chosen bag for up to 2 months before having to send it back and swap it for the next bag they set their eyes on.

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Our People:

At Rapture, we believe that designer bags should not be exclusive but accessible to all. Our subscription-based service offers equal access to bags that are usually available to only a select few. Our hassle-free and flexible experience allows our members to enjoy the feeling of carrying a great bag that completes any outfit, without making a big financial commitment to a single bag.

Perhaps you are looking at buying a luxury designer bag. We understand that this investment can be daunting, which is why a Rapture membership is a great way to also trial the bag you want to invest in before making the big jump.

Our Planet: We Make, We Take, We Reuse.

Rapture aims to become a closed-loop fashion brand. We aim to inspire the broader fashion community to reconsider their wardrobe wants and needs from high, fast-consuming behaviour and reshape their approach to make smarter choices. By joining our Rapture community, you are committing to a more responsible way to access luxury bags. but you get the benefit of trying multiple styles and finding a hidden gem you thought you’d get your hands on (perhaps a vintage Louis Vuitton!).

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Singing up to either the Local membership or Global membership, your weekly payment will enable you to select your favourite luxury bag to make yours for a month!
Rapture members can be adventurous with their brand styles or indulge in classic favourites. Members will get the same feeling usually induced by fast fashion each month when receiving that dream bag.

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A membership that gives you exclusive access to designer luxury bags that match your lifestyle. Indulge in newness and variety for any occasion and personality, in a smarter and less wasteful way. Choose your Rapture membership now.