Returns Policy

Return Policy

A deposit of $40 (Holding Fee) is charged upon signing up for full-time membership, refundable upon membership termination with no outstanding charges.

You must report payment discrepancies within 60 days of the first appearance in your account, or you waive the right to dispute.

Failure to return a bag results in full charges, including late fees and membership fees until the bag's return. Late fees for Bag Passes are $40 per business day, up to a maximum of 4 weeks.

How to Return Your Bag

Please follow these easy steps to return your bag at its designated time.

  1. Put the bag back into the box and ensure it's safely sealed with tape.
  2. Ensure to return any branded box and dust bag, including any additional
    straps that came with the bag.
  3. If you're reusing your RAPTURE box (or a similar box), please remove any old shipping labels.
  4. With each bag you receive, you will get a return sticker. Please place this
    return sticker clearly on the outside of the box (including barcode & address).
  5. Drop the box off at your nearest NZ Post location or organise a collection by phoning your local branch. Alternatively, book a collection online at:

Please make sure to obtain proof of postage and keep it safe until you receive your return confirmation, as it acts as your proof of delivery. Remember, even if you leave a bag unattended, it is still considered to be in your possession, and you are responsible and liable for it. You must follow the return steps accurately to avoid any mishaps. Failure to do so could result in the bag going missing, and you may be held liable to pay for a replacement.