Rapture Membership T&Cs

Last Updated: 9th February, 2024 


    1. The following Terms & Conditions control your use of the Rapture website (the “Site”) and your Rapture membership, including the temporary ownership of our bags as a bag (the “Service).
    2. By using our Site and Service you accept these Terms & Conditions and you agree to comply with them.
    3. If you do not agree with these Terms & Conditions you must not use our Site or Service.
    4. We recommend that you print a copy of these Terms & Conditions for future reference.
    5. This arrangement becomes legally binding between you and us once you:
      1. Receive confirmation of your account and logins from us; and/or
      2. Access or utilise sections of our site that do not require the creation of an account.

    1. We retain the authority to alter these terms and conditions without requiring consent from any other parties.
    2. Any such modifications will be recorded in this section of the site, and it is the responsibility of our visitors and members to review this section each time they utilize our site or service.

    1. To use our Service, you need to be at least 18 years old and live in New Zealand (excluding Stewart Island).
    2. When signing up, you will provide us with your name, address, contact number, payment details, and any other info we need. By giving us this information, you confirm it's yours, accurate, complete, and up-to-date.
    3. As part of the sign-up process, we might ask for additional info, like a bank statement or utility bill, to confirm your address.
    4. You are solely responsible for maintaining the accuracy of your account information on our site.
    5. During registration, we might perform a soft credit check for ID purposes only. It won't affect your credit score.
    6. To approve your membership, we may ask for more info, such as a copy of your passport, driver's license, utility bill, and social media handles, to fully validate your identity.
    7. When you start the ID verification process, you will need to submit a picture of your government-issued ID and a selfie. Our ID verification partner uses advanced face recognition tech to confirm your identity in real-time, preventing identity fraud.
    8. We can reject any application at our discretion without giving a reason.
    9. You (the named person on the account) are responsible for the security of your account information and access.
    10. You are liable for all activities, including purchases, under your account, whether you authorized them or not.
    11. We are not responsible for any loss or damage from unauthorized access.
    12. You need to let us know if you suspect or know of any unauthorized use or access to your account.
    13. Processing a Rapture membership application can take up to 3 business days. We'll confirm the status via email.
    14. If you fail to complete the ID verification process or provide additional info within 30 days, your subscription will be cancelled, and the order refunded. If you ordered a bag with your membership, it'll be reserved for 7 days before cancellation.
    15. Accepted applicants will be Active Members unless terminated according to these terms. We can suspend, terminate, or remove your Active Membership at any time, at our discretion, for reasons defined or not in these terms. If an account is suspended for bag loss/damage, the member must pay full fees until reinstated.
    16. Your membership starts when you sign up and pay. If you want to delay your charge date until you've chosen a bag, contact contact@rupturesociety.nz. They can delay your next payment date for up to 14 days from the initial purchase period, giving you a full month before the next charge

    1. Rupture maintains the authority to authenticate the identity of every applicant through third-party verification technology. To complete the process, you will need to provide an image of your government-issued ID and take a selfie. Our ID verification partner employs advanced facial recognition technology for real-time member authentication.
    2. Rapture gathers and processes the following information: email, title, last name, date of birth, address, and phone number(s).
    3. We retain your information for the duration of your membership, and all ID data is deleted upon termination of your membership. If your application is unsuccessful, we do not store your documents.
    4. You have the right to request access to the data we have on file about you.
    5. All data, financial particulars, and documents provided to us are securely stored, encrypted, and treated with confidentiality under our Privacy Policy.

Currency and Taxation:

    1. All transactions on our platform are conducted in NZD and include NZ GST.
    2. By engaging with our service, you authorize us to verify the legitimacy and adequacy of funds/credit on your debit/credit card or chosen payment method.
    3. By signing up to the Service, you agree to us charging your recurring membership fee to your registered payment method each month on the same calendar date that you signed up for the Service
    4. This is considered the “Membership Billing Cycle”.
    5. Upon registering for our service, you consent to the automatic monthly billing of your recurring membership fee on the same calendar date you initially signed up. Quarterly members will be billed every three months, following the established "Membership Billing Cycle."
    6. Agreeing to the service entails a minimum membership commitment of 60 days for monthly memberships. It also requires maintaining an active payment method throughout your membership. Removing or cancelling your payment method without due notice will be considered account cancellation, leading to immediate enforcement of relevant clauses, including clause 8.
    7. Any fees owed to us will be directly charged to your registered payment method or deducted from your Holding Fee. Refunds, when applicable, will be returned to the original payment method.
    8. A deposit of $70 ($20 Set Up Fee and Holding Fee) is charged upon signing up for membership. $50 will be refunded upon membership termination with no outstanding charges.
    9. You must report payment discrepancies within 60 days of the first appearance in your account, or you waive the right to dispute.
    10. Failure to return a bag results in full charges, including late fees and membership fees until the bag's return. Late fees for Bag Passes are $40 per business day, up to a maximum of 4 weeks.
    11. Full-time memberships (Local and Global) have monthly fees. Membership incurs a one-time $60 or $100 charge, with additional Bag Passes required for weekly access. Local memberships have full access to New Zealand handbags e.g Deadly Ponies, Yu Mei and Saben. Global members get full access to brands from around the world e.g Prada, Gucci, Chanel, Louis Vuitton.
    12. Upgrading incurs the price difference, charged daily until the next Billing Cycle. Downgrades result in membership credit. Late fees apply for late bag returns.
    13. If a discount code is used for a Billing Cycle, automatic full-priced membership fees will resume after the offer ends, recurring monthly until a new discount code is applied.
    14. Late Return Fees: Failure to return a bag by the agreed-upon date will incur a Late Fee of $40 per business day until the bag is returned. In addition to late fees, your membership fees at your existing tier will continue to be due until the bag is returned. Any notice of membership cancellation from you will be considered void until the bag is collected by our delivery partner. If a bag is not returned after four (4) weeks, you will be responsible for the full RRP value of the bag, along with outstanding membership fees, late fees, and an 8% interest on the combined value of the bag’s RRP and any unpaid membership fees. After 14 days of no payment being received, the case will be passed to a registered Debt Collector.
    15. Damage & Repair Charges: A $50 service charge applies to items requiring repair due to damage, including returns requiring extensive cleaning. You are also responsible for the repair costs as per clause 11.1. Lost or irreparably damaged bags will be charged at the cost of a new replacement. If a replacement is unavailable, the original RRP will be charged. If a bag has increased in price since its purchase, you will be charged the current market value.
    16. Delivery and Collection Fees:  Missing a requested collection for a specific order incurs a $10 fee per attempt until the bag is returned. Missing two delivery attempts results in a $20 fee, and the order will be returned.
    17. Purchase Process: Members may use their holding fee toward the permanent purchase of their chosen bag, and Rapture will provide the price, considering current market prices and potential discounts. Rapture reserves the right to decline the sale of a specific bag without providing a reason. In such cases, the ability to use partial membership payment can be transferred to an agreed-upon alternative bag. If no alternative is chosen, the portion of membership fees available for bag purchases becomes void and non-refundable.

    1. All bags featured on our platform are available in either new or pre-owned condition. For vintage items, any indications of wear and tear are thoroughly described and documented through photographs in the corresponding product listings on the site.
    2. All our bags are 100% genuine, and verified through external authentication services. These bags are meticulously sourced from trusted suppliers who guarantee their authenticity.
    3. While the bags are accurately described in the site's listings, it's important to note that the photographs provided are not binding contracts. There might be slight variations between the images and the actual bags. By utilizing our services, you acknowledge that the photographs serve as indicators of the bag's quality.
    4. To uphold the highest standards, all our bags undergo specialised cleaning and maintenance after each use by Rapture members.
    5. Furthermore, each bag undergoes authentication checks each time it enters or exits our business.
    6. To maintain transparency, we employ photography and video documentation to record the condition of the bags upon their entry and exit from our facilities. These records are stored for reference, serving as a comparison of the bag's condition and as evidential documentation.

To access the Service, ensure the following conditions are met:
    1. You are an Active Member.
    2. We have received the Deposit
    3. You have paid your membership for the upcoming month.
    4. Each membership grants you temporary ownership of one bag at a time during your membership unless you've obtained an Additional Membership or a Bag Pass.
    5. Our arrangement is based on a sale and return model. The bag's title transfers to you upon collection or delivery, making you the legal owner.
    6. Active Members possess a bag for a specified period, as indicated on the specific bag's product page on the Site (the "Temporary Ownership Period"). Typically, this period does not exceed two months. At the end of the Temporary Ownership Period, each bag must be returned to Rapture, and the title automatically reverts to us. In cases where title transfer doesn't occur, the Active Member is obliged to facilitate the necessary actions for the transfer.
    7. Following the return of a bag, Active Members can reorder the same bag for a new Temporary Ownership Period or choose a different bag.
    8. Some bags are restricted to a one-month ownership period, as specified on the product page.
    9. By ordering a bag, you commit to returning it within the agreed-upon Temporary Ownership Period. Failure to do so may result in late fees of $40 per business day. Non-returned bags after 30 days are considered theft, and the member is liable for the full value of the bag plus 8% interest.
    10. As a membership service, bag preparation begins immediately upon order placement. Cancellation is not possible once the order is submitted.

    1. Our bags will only be delivered to the address authorized by you during the initial order process.
    2. Each parcel will be dispatched through a secure courier service, utilizing a tracked and signed-for delivery option.
    3. For our next-day delivery service (Monday-Saturday), a charge of $10 will be applied to each order. Additionally, every order will include one free return via our standard courier, NZ Post.
    4. Please note that our delivery and return services are applicable within New Zealand only. Members abroad who need to return a bag are responsible for arranging the return at their own expense. In such cases, the bag is considered in the member's possession until it arrives and is signed for by Rapture.
    5. If you opt to change your delivery option and choose not to sign for the delivery, you assume responsibility for the parcel as if it were delivered and signed for. Missing two delivery attempts will result in a $20 fee.
    6. All members can expect 2- 3 business-day delivery for orders placed and approved before 10:30 am Monday-Friday. Orders placed and approved from 10:30 am on Friday, Saturday, or Sunday aim for delivery on Wednesday.
    7. It is your responsibility to verify that the security seal on the received parcel has not been tampered with before signing for it or having a representative sign on your behalf.
    8. Missed collection requests will incur a $10 charge per attempt.
    9. Our bags will be delivered only if they are signed for at the agreed-upon delivery address. The bag is considered in your possession until it has been returned. If you leave a bag unattended before its return, you are still responsible and liable for the bag, including any potential loss.
    10. For all returns, it is essential to obtain proof of postage as your delivery confirmation. Keep this proof safe until you receive confirmation of your return. Failure to provide proof of delivery may result in liability for covering the loss if the package is lost in transit.

  1. To initiate the return of the original bag to Rapture, the member must use secure packaging suitable for transit, including, but not limited to:
    1. A sturdy box
    2. A tape seal
    3. Necessary protective packaging
  2. With each return, it is your responsibility to secure proof of postage. For Nz Post collections, your email confirmation serves as your proof of postage.
  3. You commit to returning the bag from a predetermined destination, as agreed upon with Rapture, on a scheduled date and time.
  4. Failure to return a bag by the pre-agreed date grants us the right to impose late fees amounting to $40 per business day until the bag is returned, as outlined in clause 5.17. Bags not returned after 4 weeks may be deemed as not returned, making the member liable for the full value of the bag. An 8% interest will be applied to the RRP value of any Fbag in the member's possession, in addition to late fees.
  5. For requested bag swaps, the next bag will not be sent until the original bag is received in satisfactory condition. You agree not to order a new bag for a swap more than 2 business days before it is available for the swap. We retain the right to cancel your order if you are unavailable for a swap or delay your return beyond the specified 2 business days.
  6. If a bag is not returned, or a renewed Temporary Ownership Period is not agreed upon within 30 days after the original period concludes, Rapture will consider the product as not returned. In addition to late fees, proceedings for collection of the full value of the bag(s) in their possession, along with any outstanding membership fees, may commence. This process could incur additional legal costs for which the member may be liable. 

  1. The commencement of the Temporary Ownership Period for the bag occurs upon the acknowledgement of delivery by you or your representative. The period concludes when the bag is collected and scanned by the courier during its return journey to us. In the context of Covid, this process has been adjusted to a contact-free delivery method, where photographic evidence of the parcel's delivery serves as confirmation.
  2. Rapture provides a signed-for service for delivery. Opting for a non-signed-for service (e.g., "left in a safe place or with a neighbour") transfers the responsibility of the bag to you, akin to a signed-for delivery.
  3. It is the member's responsibility to contact us within 72 hours of dispatch if the ordered bag has not been received. Failure to notify us within this timeframe will deem the ordered bag as received, and you will be held liable.
  4. Throughout the Temporary Ownership Period, the risk and responsibility for the bag immediately transfer to you. In the event of loss, theft, or damage during this period, you are accountable for the associated costs incurred in restoring or replacing the bag.
  5. You commit to taking proper care of the bag during the Temporary Ownership Period, ensuring its return to us in the same condition as when it was dispatched.
  6. Rapture does not provide insurance coverage during the Temporary Ownership Period. We strongly recommend obtaining valid home contents insurance. It is mandatory to inform your insurer about the bag under temporary ownership to ensure comprehensive coverage for potential damages or losses. Rapture assumes no responsibility for your insurance or the extent of your coverage.
  7. The Temporary Ownership Period concludes when the delivery driver or courier retrieves the bag from you.
    1. You commit to taking all necessary precautions to prevent theft, loss, or damage to a bag during the Temporary Ownership Period. This includes, but is not limited to, avoiding exposure to the following elements as they are not considered normal wear and tear:
      1. Makeup
      2. Moisture
      3. Liquids
      4. Inks (including, but not limited to, pens, markers, etc.)
      5. Paints
      6. Sharp objects
      7. Dirt or grime
      8. Grease
      9. Oil
      10. Perfume
      11. Food
      12. Strong variations in temperature
      13. Excessive sunlight
      14. Humidity
      15. Impact/shock
    2. Damage to a bag, including the following instances, will result in charges to the member as outlined in Clause 11.1:
    • Stained, marked, or damaged interiors or exteriors
    • Ripped leather or exteriors from scraping against a sharp object
    • Ripped or scraped interiors from cleaning, sharp objects, or excessive force
    • Excessive damage to corners or the bottom of the bag outside of normal wear and tear, due to scuffing on the floor, etc.
    • Excessive force, stretching, squeezing, or squashing the bag beyond what is considered normal and reasonable, leading to a loss of shape
    • Unreasonable and excessive damage to straps, chains, or zips that cannot be considered normal wear or manufacturing defaults
  1. You will not be held responsible for damage classified as normal wear and tear, which includes:
    • Natural signs of discolouration over time
    • Natural signs of wear on metal and hardware
    • Replacement of simple removable parts (e.g., zips and hooks) if considered manufacturing faults or arising from normal usage
  1. Returning a bag with major damage or damage beyond normal wear and tear makes you liable for:
    • Any repairs or cleaning required to restore the bag to its original condition or a new-for-old replacement (see clause 4.16 for details on how this will be charged)
    • All administrative and delivery costs incurred from repairing or replacing the bag
  1. Failure to return a bag with all its original elements is considered damage, and charges may apply. This includes, but is not limited to, failure to return the following items:
    • Chains
    • Straps
    • Pouches
    • Keys, charms, accessories
  1. If you return a bag with damage not considered normal wear and tear:
    • You will be notified by email within two working days
    • We reserve the right to put your membership and any orders on hold until the issue is resolved
    • A repair quote will be requested, which can take up to one week (though we strive to provide it sooner)
    • Once the quote is received from our external supplier, you will be contacted within two working days with a final quote
    • We reserve the right to charge the full amount of the final quote to your registered payment and/or your Holding Fee, or request alternative payment
    • Failure to pay for requested damage repairs will result in membership cancellation, and legal action may be taken to recover associated costs, potentially affecting your credit rating.

      1. Each bag will be meticulously documented through video or photo evidence each time it enters and exits our premises to monitor its condition and authenticity.
      2. In the event of loss, theft, or any damage during the Temporary Ownership Period, you are obligated to:
        1. Immediately contact Rapture via email
        2. Notify the relevant authorities of any suspected theft or loss.
        3. Collect dated evidence in the case of damage, loss, or theft.
      3. In instances involving counterfeit, lost, or stolen bags, we may:
        1. Inform the relevant authorities.
        2. Report the bag(s) as stolen.
        3. Initiate measures to recover the funds for the goods.
      4. You agree that if you return a counterfeit bag to us in the place of the original bag we sent to you, we will:
        1. consider the bag to be stolen;
        2. take steps to recover the monies for the goods from you; and
        3. notify the relevant authorities.

    1. A member is liable to pay their membership fees until such time that their membership has been cancelled. This fee is due regardless of whether or not the member has a bag in their possession, unless: the member has requested to Pause their membership, and their bag has been collected as laid out in Clause 15 PAUSED MEMBERSHIPS.
    2.  A member is liable to pay their membership fees until such time that their membership has been cancelled. This fee is due regardless of whether or not the member has a bag in their possession, unless:
      1. the member has requested to Pause their membership, and their bag has been collected as laid out in Clause 15 PAUSED MEMBERSHIPS.
      2. Rapture delays a member’s order due to an operational issue and communicates this delay as being at the fault of Rapture.
      3. A member’s account is paused while damage or loss is being investigated.
    3. If your payment is declined on the date your recurring charge is due, you will be notified by email and requested to update your payment details and/or make funds available.
    4. If we are unable to take payment after five attempts, we will have the following rights:
      1. to deem the non-payment as notice to terminate the membership following our standard notice terms;
      2. to arrange a collection for the return of the bag being used; and,
      3. to notify you of any outstanding membership, late fees and/or notice period fees due to us
    5. Membership fees shall remain due and payable until your final bag is returned to us and any unpaid fees will be charged with interest at 8%, which will be charged after 7 days from the first day of missed payment. This interest payment on overdue fees will be charged in addition to membership fees until such time that membership fees due have been paid in full and/or the bag has been returned to us and your Active Membership is cancelled.
    6. Should a member miss a membership payment and fail to update their payment details within the timeline outlined in clause 5 they will be charged late fees for any bags in their possession without an active membership. Late fees for unreturned bags will be charged at $40 per business day in accordance with clause 5.10.
    7. Failure to return any bags after eight days from the first day of failed payment may be deemed as non-return, and the member will be held accountable for the RRP value of the bag. An 8% interest will be applied to the RRP value of any bag in the member's possession, in addition to late fees and any missed collection attempts.
    8. We reserve the right to consider legal action if fees remain unpaid and/or the bag is not returned eight days from the first day of failed payment (which may impact your credit rating).
    9. Possession of a bag without an up-to-date paid membership may be treated as theft, and the police may be contacted.
    10. We implement a 'two-strike' policy, reserving the right to cancel an Active Membership and reject future Service applications after two payment issues, including but not limited to non-payment and late payment.

    1. Membership can only be cancelled once the minimum term has been served. The minimum term on a monthly membership is 60 days.
    2. Any ‘free’ or 100% discounted membership period is counted towards the minimum membership term.
    3. All memberships are subject to a 30-day cancellation notice period, and the 30-day cancellation period may not conclude before the minimum term concludes
    4. The 30-day cancellation notice period excludes any free or 100% discounted membership periods, and the 30-day cancellation notice period can only start once your first membership payment has been made. A 100% discounted or free membership period does not count as your first membership payment.
    5. A member may only request to cancel their Active Membership once any term of free membership or paused membership (as described in clause 13 below) has been completed.
    6. Any term of free membership or paused membership will not be included as part of the notice period.
    7. Subject to clauses 14.1 and 14.2, a member may cancel an Active Membership by giving not less than 30 days written notice of the cancellation request via email to contact@rupturesociety.nz.  If necessary, such fees can be deducted from the member’s Holding fee.
    8. An Active Membership will only be terminated and the Holding fee refunded once:
      • all bags in the member's possession have been returned in a satisfactory condition; and,
      • all amounts owed to us, including but not limited to; membership fees, damage and repair fees and late fees have been paid.
      • If the member does not return their bag, their membership will not be considered cancelled until the bag is handed back to the courier. The date the bag is handed back to the courier is the date the membership is considered cancelled
      • Any membership fees that are due during the 30-day cancellation notice period will need to be paid in full before any amounts due are paid back to the Member, which will be subject to any returned bags passing return inspection.

    1. Members have the option to temporarily pause their membership for a maximum of 3 months, during which no membership fees will be charged. Members mustn't have a bag in their possession during a paused membership period.
    2. The pause duration is limited to 3 months, and members can pause multiple times throughout their membership. If a member wishes to resume their membership, they can do so for a minimum of one month before opting to pause again.
    3. The pause period initiates upon the return of the member's bag. If a request to pause membership is submitted less than 2 business days before the start of the member's next Membership Billing Cycle, the pause will only take effect from the beginning of the subsequent Membership Billing Cycle.
    4. Should a charge date fall between the request to pause and bag collection, any unused membership fees will be allocated to the unpaused Active Membership period or can be converted into membership credit for other products. Unused membership fees will not be refunded during pause periods.
    5. If a member seeks to cancel their membership during a paused period, they are still obligated to pay the full membership fees for the applicable notice period, as outlined in Clause 14, at the type and cost of membership they had before the pause.
    6. To unpause their membership before the 3-month pause period concludes, members can log into their account, place an order, and their membership will automatically be reinstated.
    7. If a member fails to communicate with Rapture at the end of the 3-month pause and no alternative arrangement has been agreed in writing, the membership will automatically be unpaused, and a $1 transaction fee will be charged. Any unused membership days from the member's previous active membership period will be activated, and the next membership payment will be processed. If a member doesn't select a bag during this time, the membership charge will not be refunded.
    8. After a member's pause period, Rapture will initiate a $1 transaction to confirm an active card on file. This fee will be credited toward the member's next membership charge. If Rapture encounters difficulty processing payment using the chosen method, it will be considered a failed payment, and appropriate steps will be taken per Clause 13, LATE OR NON-PAYMENT OF FEES.

    1. Risk in the bag is transferred at the start of the Temporary Ownership Period and shall continue until the bag is returned to Rapture. You understand and acknowledge that the right, title and interest in the bag will remain with you only during the pre-agreed Temporary Ownership Period and will automatically revert to us upon the expiration of this period. 

    1. The agreement between you and Rapture for the Service entitles you to use a bag for your personal use only. You agree that you will not do the following with a bag in your possession:
      • Resell;
      • loan out;
      • allow another person to use;
      • use the bag for any commercial or professional use unless pre-agreed with Rapture
    1. If a member is interested in permanently purchasing the bag that they currently have in their possession or any other bag on our website, they should get in touch by emailing contact@rupturesociety.nz and request a quote, which we will endeavour to get back to you within 2 business days.
    2. For details on pricing and membership discounts, refer to clause 5.11. Any such purchase is contingent upon explicit agreement by Rapture, and sales will be conducted on an "as is" and "as seen" basis. No cancellation right will apply since the bag will have been in your possession before the purchase.
    3. Rapture retains the right to decline the sale of any bag in its collection at its discretion, without the obligation to provide a reason for the decision.
    4. For those interested in selling pre-owned luxury and designer bags to Rapture, they can get in touch through email.

      1. These Terms do not seek to restrict or exclude our liability for death or personal injury caused by our negligence, the negligence of our employees, agents, or subcontractors, or fraud or fraudulent misrepresentation.

      1. Our provision of Products is intended for private use. Should you employ the Products for any business purposes, we shall not be liable to you for any loss of profit, loss of business, business interruption, or loss of business opportunity

      2. Consumer statutory rights remain unaffected by anything in these Terms.

    In the event of dissatisfaction with the Service, the Site, or these Terms, your exclusive recourse under these Terms is to terminate the Service, return our goods, and cease using the Site. Additionally, we shall bear no liability for any failure or delay arising from matters beyond our reasonable control.


    1. We are committed to honouring and safeguarding the privacy of all visitors to the Site. Refer to our Privacy Policy for comprehensive information on how we handle your data and outline your rights concerning such treatment.

    1. Occasionally, we may introduce the Service for a specific duration at no cost or a reduced rate, referred to as the "Discounted Service." Rapture retains the right to assess your eligibility for a Discounted Service and can terminate or modify it at any time, without prior notice and without assuming any liability, as permitted by applicable law.
    2. Certain Discounted Services may necessitate the submission of your payment information. By providing such information, you consent to our automatic initiation of charges for the Service starting on the initial day following the conclusion of the Discounted Service, on a recurring monthly basis or another interval disclosed to you beforehand. If you prefer not to incur this charge, the standard cancellation policy and notice period will be applicable, unless pre-arranged with Rapture.
    3. Specifics about ongoing and past offers, including those related to Discounted Services, are available in an addendum accompanying these terms.