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Gucci Marmont Medium Shoulder Black Bag

This Gucci Marmont Medium Shoulder bag boasts a relaxed silhouette and a large front flap adorned with the iconic Double G emblem. The versatile sliding chain strap offers endless styling options, transforming the bag from a shoulder to a top-handle accessory. Crafted from matelassé chevron leather, it also features a playful heart design on the back. Microfiber lining with a suede-like finish.

  • Black matelassé chevron leather with heart
  • Antique gold-toned hardware
  • Double G
  • Interior zipper and smartphone pockets with an open horizontal case for larger phones
  • The sliding chain strap can be worn as a shoulder strap with 22” drop, as a top handle with 12” drop or as a cross body bag
  • Flap with spring closure

    Medium size: W31cm x H19cm x D7cm

    Estimated RRP: $2908 | Available in our Global Memberships

    Membership: Global

    Product information

    Welcome to the FAQs page of Rapture, where luxury meets convenience. Here, we've compiled a list of our most frequently asked questions to assist you in understanding our designer bag rental process better. Whether you're curious about how to rent, our range of designer bags, pricing, or how we ensure quality and hygiene, we've got you covered.


    Which membership is right for me? 

    There are two membership types available. The Local membership gives you access to all our New Zealand designers, e.g. Deadly Ponies, Saben and Yu Mei. The Global membership gives you full access to our New Zealand designers AND Global designers such as Louis Vuitton, Prada, Gucci, Yves Saint Laurent and Coach.


    How do I sign up? 

    After checking out with your chosen membership, deposit and set-up fee, you will receive an email with instructions for an identification verification check, and a soft credit check. These will be assessed before you are approved for a membership. Once approved you will be able to choose your first bag!


    Why is an ID check required?

    The trust and safety of our members are paramount, therefore we request personal information to verify the details that were provided to us, that way we can confirm they are genuine to prevent identity fraud. 


    What is a holding fee?

    Upon adding a membership to your cart and proceeding to checkout, an automatic addition of a $60 holding fee/deposit and a $10 sign up fee will be made to your order. Our members are required to pay a refundable holding fee/deposit, which will be fully refunded after the duration of your membership (regardless of whether it's only one month or longer), provided that none of the bags you choose require any damage repair or deep cleaning. The $10 sign up fee is allocated towards the expenses associated with verifying your identification and carrying out a soft credit check for membership setup.


    What is the minimum term of a membership?

    New members are required to pay for their membership for a minimum of 4 Weeks/ 1 Month. A Local membership is $60 a week and Global membership is $120 a week.


    How do I cancel my Rapture membership? 

    Provided you have served your minimum terms (4 weeks minimum), you may log into your account and cancel your membership. If you need help please email us at contact@rapturesociety.nz


    Can I change my membership charge date?

    Yes, your membership charge date can be changed to whichever day of the week suits you. Simply make this request by emailing contact@rapturesociety.nz. Your membership is paid one week in advance, so the change will be calculated on a pro-rata basis.


    What happens if my membership payment is late?

    If your payment declines on the date you recurring payment is due, you will be notified by email. We will make 3 payment attempts in the following 3 days. If we are unable to take payment we will charge for the collection of the bag and will arrange a day to collect the bag. You will be notified of this. If we are unable to collect the bag, you will be charged for late fees for the bag that is in your possession as well and any missed collection fees for any collection attempts. 8 Days after your failed payment attempt, your membership will be inactive and you will be liable for the full value of the bag. From this point you will be charged 8% interest to any unpaid membership fees as well as the full value of the bag if not returned. From here we reserve the right to take Legal Action should the fees remain unpaid/ the bag not be returned. You will be notified of our plans to take legal action after 9 days from the first day of the failed payment.


    What happens if a bag is damaged in my care?

    Please get in touch with our team straight away by emailing contact@rapturesociety.nz, and we will advise you on the best course of action. Once the bag has been returned we will assess the damage and will notify you within 2 working days with more information. You can expect to hear back from us within 7 working days with a quote for repair/replacement/cleaning fees. During this time we reserve the right to charge the full amount of the final quote to your registered payment method, or that this from your membership hold fee.


    How are membership fees charged and what is the Membership Billing Cycle?

    Membership fees are charged monthly on the same calendar date of sign-up, known as the "Membership Billing Cycle."


    What if I don't see the bag I want?

    We add new styles to our selection frequently, however, sometimes we miss a style that members may love, so send us an email to contact@rapturesociety.nz with any recommendations of what to add to the selection.


    What are the consequences of failing to complete the ID verification process?

    If the ID verification process is not completed within 30 days, the subscription will be cancelled, and the order, including any reserved bag, will be refunded.


    What are the terms for bag returns and associated late fees?

    Bags must be returned by the agreed-upon date. Failure to do so incurs a late fee of $40 per business day.


    What is the policy for damaged or lost bags during the Temporary Ownership Period?

    Members are responsible for damages or loss of bags during this period, with applicable repair, replacement, and additional charges.


    How is the risk and insurance handled during the Temporary Ownership Period?

    Members are responsible for the bag during this period and should have home contents insurance covering potential damages or losses.


    How long does it take for an order to arrive? 

    You should receive your bag within 3 days from ordering. Excluding weekends, public holidays and unforeseen circumstances.


    How can I track my order?

    Once you place your order online, you will be able to see the details of the purchase, follow its preparation, and see shipping updates in the My Account area.


    Which Payment Methods Do You Accept?

    Rapture Society accepts the following payment methods for online purchases:

    • Major credit cards, as shown at checkout: Visa, Mastercard and American Express.
    • Apple Pay, Google Pay, Union Pay & Shop Pay

    Please note that your billing address must match the address on your credit card statement.


    What if my question wasn't answered here?

    Please email us at contact@rapturesociety.nz and we'd be happy to help you.

    With a Rapture membership, you can experience your dream designer bags, on your own terms for a fee that suits your budget. Feel good knowing you are making a smarter fashion choice that doesn’t only benefit the planet but also helps you to make an informed decisions if you decide to invest in a designer bag forever.

    3 Easy Steps

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    3. Choose Your Dream Designer Bag and Repeat

    Once your membership has been approved (after a quick ID & soft credit check), you can checkout your first designer bag using your membership code.

    Your bag will be securely couriered to you (signature will be required) & will be yours to enjoy for the next month until your next bag swap.

    Whether you want to try before you buy, a fresh designer accessory every month, or just want to reduce your impact on the environment. Your Rapture Society membership includes a monthly swap, send back your current bag & choose the next one you have set eyes on. Browse Bags.

    Here are some tips to ensure you treat your bag with the love and respect it deserves so there members can get as much joy out of it as you.

    During your time together: 

    - Your bag prefers to sit on your lap or the car seat rather than the floor.

    - The sun can be harsh and damaging so please try and keep your bag out of the sun and in cool dry places. 

    - Kindness goes a long way so please don't overfill your bag during your time together.

    If you're concerned with any marks you notice, always speak to us first so we can advise on the best action to take.